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Killed near Home on Pelican Street

Leroy Meighan had been charged with serious crimes before, but his family had said he was wrongfully accused. He had lived his entire life at his family home on Pelican Street in Belize City. He became another statistic to the violence. ASP Cowo, the Officer Commanding CIB, Belize City explained how Meighan was killed.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Sometime after 8:50 pm Police again visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed the lifeless body of Leroy Meighan 22 year Belizean #13 Pelican St. Belize City. He was observed to have multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and to the back. What police has gathered so far is that Mr. Meighan was walking from the corner of Central American Blvd. towards Pelican St. to where he lives and just about approaching #19 a male person came out from a small bushy area and fired several shots at him causing the fatal injuries.

Love News spoke to a neighbor and friend of Meighan who said the loss is even more tragic because he would have celebrated his birthday in September.

Friend: “His name is Leroy Meighan Jr. better known as LJ or Bo. Very friendly young man, very outgoing young man. You know he is the youngest son for his mother you know but he is the one that always around helping out and giving that extra hand. A very good friend of mine as well; I know him from I guess from he born. I think he born in this neighborhood as well and as a young man I just watch him grow and sadly it had to end shortly like this. Every year we plan our birthday or at least share what we will do on our birthdays because his birthday is in September as well just like mine and our last conversation was just about that about what we are going to do together as friends for our Birthday this year and we explain that we would do nothing extravagant this year and just take it easy. Sad to see a young man go at such a young age like this. “