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Killing of of boy and grandmother is a “death investigation”

Samuel August killed his 5-year-old son Samir and the boy’s maternal grandmother, 53-year-old Louise Young. August drove a Belize City Council front-end loader into their Faber’s Road home while they slept. During the process, he also injured a 13-year-old girl. The police department has been careful not to call it a murder but a death investigation as they assess August’s mental state. 

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino: “Benny Craig she is an stable condition and yes after the initial destruction of the residence she exited the house and was making her way into an adjacent residence and he set chase after her in the back hoe. When police encountered him, when police got full contact of him, he was in the back hoe, they got him out, he was in an unconscious state. Blood has been extracted from him to determine if he was indeed under any substance at the time. The investigation is ongoing and as we speak officers are gathering the evidence.  We have been in consultation with the BPP’s office and they are gathering evidence so at this point it is a matter of differentiating between murder and death investigation but I am sure that as the investigation come close then that will determine if Mr. August will be charged for murder as opposed to manslaughter or any other changes. We do know that I think it was a week ago some time of recent the children were given into the custody of the grandmother Ms. Young. Ms. Young was given custody of the kids and we are trying to determine if it was; the court had decided fully that children were given to her fully or that it was the just the process that was starting and that the kids would be in her custody throughout the process but we do know that he was, we understand that he was upset about the kids being given to the grandmother so that may have been the motive but we are investigating. We are just indicating that the investigation is ongoing, we are trying to obtain the relevant information and that will allow us to best decide on what charges will be levied. We want to do a thorough investigation so that when we lay charges we are certain that the charges are appropriate.”

A psychiatric evaluation is being conducted in August. At the time of his detention, he had only suffered a cut wound to the face.