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Kimberly Santos starts her reign as Queen of the Bay

19-year-old Kimberly Santos made history as the 74th Queen of the Bay. She joins a list of confident, gracious young ladies who previously held the title. Love News was feeling a bit nostalgic, and decided to look back on the past five queens that preceded Santos. We’ll start at Monisha Stuart, who held the title from 2014-2015. She was succeeded by Stann Creek’s Falon Cain, who was succeeded by Cristalyn Castillo, from the same district. Belize will surely never forget the next queen, Dangriga’s Aliyah Ysaguirre. Her installation had shocked the nation when the ex-committee chair, Zenaida Moya, simultaneously crowned another delegate under her own initiative and was immediately fired. 2018’s installation went much smoother, with the crowning of Belmopan representative, Jenny-Lee Cruz. Fast forward to today and Kimberly Santos’ was officially installed as Queen of the Bay 2019/2020.  Love Television captured the moment.

Santos represents the Twin Towns of San Ignacio/Santa Elena.