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Korean National Granted Bail on Abetment Charge

Fifty-seven year old Korean national Huang Park, who was remanded to prison on a charge of abetment to pervert the course of justice, was released on a bail of seventy five thousand dollars which was granted by Justice John Gonzalez. The bail was offered on the condition that she surrenders all of her property documents to the court, that she surrenders her passport, that she reports to Belmopan Police Station every other Friday until the matter has concluded, that she does not interfere with any of the witnesses involved in the case and that she attends court on all adjourned dates. The Crown, represented by Crown Counsel Killeru Awich, had objected to bail on the ground that Park is a flight risk. But one of her attorneys, Dickie Bradley, argued that she has a three point five million dollars investment in Belize and that the allegation against her is flimsy and that she will have no need not to come to court. Her other attorneys were Estevan Perrera and Kevin Arthurs. Park was charged jointly with Jahangir Abadi and the allegation was that Abadi offered a police officer one thousand five hundred dollars to plant a firearm and ammunition in the vehicle of Michael Modiri.