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Kraal Road Heats Up Leaving Edison Williams Dead

The murder count increased by three over the course of his past weekend. Friday night saw the murder of 22-year-old, Edison Williams on the south side of Belize City.  Williams was reportedly socializing in an alley off Kraal Road when he was approached by his killer.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams who commands the south side of the city says that the preliminary investigations have led them to believe that Williams was the intended target.


“Sometime around 8:30pm there about police responded to shots being fired in the Kraal Road area. Upon arrival they were told that the victim had been transported to the KHMH. Police subsequently visited the KHMH where they saw one Edison Williams suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and he was being taken into surgery. Around 5am the following morning he succumbed to his injuries. Apparently he was the intended target because from what we understand the gunman actually spoke to him , said certain things to him before shooting him. As to the motive we have no motive at this time. From our investigator’s standpoint we have no evidence to connect the shooting of Mr. Eddison to the other shootings that had taken place earlier during the week.”

Last week we told you of ACP Williams’ comment on social media where he spoke of increasing the police presence and intercepting suspected criminal elements on bicycles, motorbikes as well as heavily tinted vehicles.  Love News asked the commanding officer where and how the authorities fell short in the Kraal Road area when it came to prevention of crime.


“Renee, you would know that Southside is not north side where there is only a little pocket of gangs or only an area that is gang affiliated. The entire south side is gang ridden and there is always a potential for gangs flaring up anywhere on south side Belize City and we do not have the manpower to be able to stretch our human resources to be able to cover all the areas where gangs are so Kraal Road had been dormant for a long time. While we do have patrols on Supal Street that frequents Kraal Road it was not an area we were heavily concentrating on because of the fact that it had been dormant for some time. We were more focused in the areas where we know the gang rivalries are more prevalent and I think that the officers did an exceedingly good job in ensuring that those areas where the crimes were coming out from were pretty much dormant over the weekend and we will continue to maintain our presence in those areas that we can maintain our present. We wish that we had more officers to cover more grounds but that is not so, we know a recruit squad went into training recently and we are optimistic that when they come out we will be able to boost our human resources to cover more ground on south side Belize City.”


Williams was near his home when he was shot.  The incident occurred just before nine o’clock on Friday night.