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Krem decries the attack on their News Editor

The Krem Management has issued a statement on behalf its News Editor, Marisol Amaya. The statement reads quote, “The images clearly show that Ms. Amaya was the only female congregated around a political leader being interviewed, along with other male media-members and party supporters, when she was specifically grabbed from behind by no other than the officer commanding the Special Patrol Unit, Inspector Aaron Gamboa, who dragged her off and indecently grappled her in the process.” End of quote. The statements continues to say that Gamboa quote, “never approached her and informed her of his wishes for her to move, nor alerted her and thus targeted only her as she did live broadcast of the events unfolding.” End of quote. The Krem Management team says it views Gamboa’s action as quote, “an assault directed at Ms. Amaya, as an assault against the independent media, against women in particular and against the freedom enjoyed by journalist to freely move around and cover any newsworthy item in Belize”. End of quote. Amaya has retained the legal services of Attorney Audrey Matura and has proceeded to make an official complaint at the Professional Standard Bureau of the Police Department.