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Kun Shan Wants Belizeans in Taiwan to Study

A representative of Taiwan’s Kun Shan University is in Belize offering scholarships to Belizean Students. The recipients will join 19 other Belizean students who were recently awarded full scholarships to Taiwan Universities through Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund. Belizeans make up one third of the Kun Shan University’s international students. This week the school’s representatives are in Belize to meet with students who are interested in studying in Taiwan. We spoke with Kun Shaan’s Vice President, Les Lee.


We have four categories of scholarships from full scholarships up to partial scholarships so we would like to give to them because I think they would do a good job in our school. I’m looking for students that want to study, who have the right attitude and also English is not a problem for Belizeans which we find very important in our school so studying in our schools using English teaching programs will be very suitable and their requirement is I will say attitude is very important. Like today I have an interview of four students and three of them had very poor family backgrounds; some of their fathers were farmers, their moms were housewife so right away I had figured since his attitude is perfect that he wants to study that I will give him the full scholarship so attitude is important.”

Kun Shaan University International Program includes Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science Degree in Business Administration. Lee says Belizean students adapt well as the courses are thought in English and in a friendly environment. Last week, we got a first-hand account of student life in Taiwan. Daina Balan of Belize City is a student at the National Pintung University of Science and Technology. We caught up with her during an international press visit to that institution. Balan tells us what her experience has been like.

DAINA BALAN :”At first it’s pretty late but you don’t have to do much work but as the semester increases the workload increases and right now since we are the end of the semester that is when all the presentations, all the reports, all the final exams are due so that is where you feel most of the work so at the beginning of the semester there is not much but as the semester goes on there is more and more work. It started off with me not knowing anyone or anything about Taiwan but slowly you start to see the benefits of being here and you see how you could grow just from being in a different country.”

Education is highly emphasized in Taiwan with 43% of Taiwan’s population having a junior college or university degree. It is an ideal that has proven to improve the caliber of human resource resulting in the economic growth for that country.