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Kuylen Makes Accusations Against FFB

He has three more weeks to complete his term as the Acting President of the Football Federation of Belize and today Marlon Kuylen laid it all out in a nine-page tell-all letter. Kuylen issued a lengthy statement entitled, “The Current State of Affairs of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB)” and in it, he makes salacious claims and damning accusations against FFB members who he describes as hypocrites. Having been in the “belly of the beast”, Kuylen writes about what he observed and experience during his 19-month tenure as acting president. He identified 11 problems that the FFB is facing. One of those problems is hustling. Kuylen writes the quote, “A criterion for aspiring District, Leagues and FFB Executive is needed to attract more intellectuals and prevent “hustlers” from infiltrating the organization.  Persons running for office must do so to enhance the sport, rather than for personal gain.” End of quote. Kuylen says that some former and current employees and elected officials have a lot to answer for, as a review of the Federation’s books has turned up what can be considered questionable transactions. He then goes after former President, Ruperto Vicente. Kuylen writes quote, “the past President said there were one hundred thousand dollars in the bank accounts; but, lo and behold, not only did we have less than half that, we were in debt for almost one hundred thousand dollars with some bills dating back mostly to 2015, but as far back as 2013!” End of quote. We asked Kuylen for a recorded interview on what he wrote but he denied our request. We asked him why until now, with elections weeks away, he decided to speak out. He said that it is because he is returning to his post as First Vice President. Kuylen stressed that he did not issue the statement to favor any of the persons who will be part of the FFB elections on December 2. The post of President will be contested by Ruperto Vicente, Sergio Chuc, Onan Maclean and Daniel Fabro. Cruz Gamez, David Griffith, Carlos Galvez and Leslie Sharp will contest the post of Vice President.