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La Barbie Brawl leaves one woman injured

La Barbie Restaurant and Bar on Orange Street in Belize City turned into a crime scene on last night just before eight o’clock.  41-year-old, Ana Heredia was rushed to the hospital when she intervened to stop a fight inside the establishment. Heredia’s son, Derrick Reneau was quite upset when he spoke via phone to Love News.

Derrick Reneau Son of Victim: “My mom enter the bar and she went to socialize and to take couple drinks and the owner of the bar  named Ms. Helen Barber, she start drink with her around the table and it looks like they had a very bad altercation and there was a strange happening and argument and they said that…; I wasn’t there remember;  this was partying and more and more people are putting one and one together  and some altercation happen and then it happen that the lady and the workers them and the husband, son and daughter in law and other people that were working at the place jump my mother, stab my mother in the lower hand and upper hand and her thigh and my mom just going into surgery for her hand because she didn’t have any movement in the ligaments and the joints of her her hand. The lady know my mom for years and for her to just stab my mom just like that it could either be a misunderstanding with I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

Jose Sanchez: “So she goes into surgery this afternoon for her hand?”

Derrick Reneau Son of Victim: Yes this afternoon because she have pressure so they give her pills to reduce the pressure then she is going into surgery, she is stable though thank god it didn’t hit no vital organs, only her hip and hands.

Asp ALejandro Cowo: “Police has detained two females and a male person who is in questioning at this moment. “

Reporter: “I understand also that from what I am told that it sounds like a case of name in terms of it was a rather severe chop to the wrist area.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Well it is a moderate, we have to wait until the doctors to finish with the surgery to see wether or not she will be able to move her hand freely like it was before.”

The police are expected to charge the owner of the bar and other suspects by mid-week.