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Laddie Gillett’s Biological Mother Says the Minor was Stolen from Her

Amid the tragedy and pain that the passing of 14-year-old, Laddie Gillett, there are some allegations coming out as the biological mother, Linda Gillett is saying that the child was stolen from her. Our news team met up with her this evening where she explained how and when she found out about the death of her son.

Linda Gillett, Biological Mother

Linda Gillett, Biological Mother: “Laddie Anthony Gillet is my son and his father is in America, LA. This morning my understanding is that my son was on a vacation in Placencia at the resort and they say that a police just was walking going home to the resort where he stays and a security called that – I don’t know what the security called and told the police I can’t say but they say the people that saw said that the little boy and the 19 year old and the 14 year old were going back to the resort where they stayed and the police just aimed to shoot, not even a warning shot nothing and that is wrong. That is wrong. You can’t – people walking on the beach and just go and shoot people because a security called in and said something looks funny or something looked fishy. Totally that is wrong.”

The biological mother has gone further by saying she has tried many times to reunite with her son, but she was given the round around.

Linda Gillett, Biological Mother: “I don’t know how Laddie reached to Placencia. I don’t know. I as the mother I was in depression at the time, at the same time I wanted better of for my son so I gave him to somebody that could take care of him and give him a better life than me because I was down, I was in a depression, I couldn’t do it. So I talked to this lady to take care of my son for me until I could get back on my feet and get him back. That was the agreement. She told me like this that she could give me twenty five thousand dollars for the little boy. I told her ‘No.’ I told her ‘Kids are priceless. God will never forgive me if I sell you my child. But what I want you to do for me is take care of him for me and keep me in contact with me for all costs.’ If you could tell him I’m his auntie, whatever but I just want to get in touch with him as my son – that was the agreement. Bam she gone took him, told me to go sign a paper at a lawyer, I went to the lawyer signed a paper they didn’t give me back a legal thing to say it happened. Now the lady gave the little boy to an auntie or her mother to take care of the little boy until she could get him across to the states. Now she got to find out that she can’t get him across the states because her husband did something illegal authority stuff I don’t know what. So I went to Camalote, I was up and down in Camalote from I gave him I had been up in Camalote looking for him asking for him. I saw him and saw him. After four years I went. They told me ‘He’s not here he’s in the states.’ that is what they told me. I said but how is he in the states and the lady that adopted him told me already that she couldn’t get him to the states because of some legal authority with her husband so how is he in the states if it’s like that please let me get back my child. ‘Oh he’s not here he’s in the states.’ I said okay then. I went and came back down. Every month I go, every month once a month I go to try to find him again asking about, asking the neighbors nobody wanted to tell me anything about my kid, nobody. Now I am his legal parent and the people that the lady made watch the little boy passed away and a next family that I don’t even know about or heard about just took him without anybody giving them any legal rights or anything. The people that I gave the legal rights to are in the states, they couldn’t get him and they were church people and they didn’t want any problems and every time the people that she give the people to mind him harassed this lady for money every time. I don’t know if this lady got frustrated with them and must have told them well you all take care of him or whatever or give him back to the parents. I can’t tell I’m just suggesting something you know ?”

Reporter: Where is his father ? 

Linda Gillett, Biological Mother: “Laddie’s father is in LA. His name is Eugene Neal, that is Laddie’s real biological father and I’m his real biological mother.”

Our news team is currently meeting with Emil Bradley who were co-parenting Laddie along with Sharon and Delroy Meighan. We will have more on this story in our subsequent newscast.