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Laddie’s Adopted Father Speaks Out

Candlelight vigils were held in Belize City and Camalote Village, Cayo District last night in remembrance of the slain teenage boy. Our correspondents, Elaine Berry and Eliu Yacab spoke to Emil Bradley, Laddie’s guardian, who we caught up with last night on the Chaa Creek property in Cayo. Bradley spoke on the fact that he was not informed of the incident until four hours after it occurred.

Emil Bradley, Guardian: “We were informed by the police around a little bit before 2 AM this morning. I mean this incident according to the news and the police it happened 10:05 but we were informed all the way up until almost two o’clock like around ten minutes to two AM this morning we were informed that he was shot and shot by the police. I mean we didn’t get any information it’s from the police I mean an investigation is all they could tell us, an investigation is being carried out at this time but after speaking with the young man, Laddie’s friend who  he was with who was staying with us also at the hotel it’s something kind of completely different from what the media is putting out there that they were suspicious or they were trying to do something of that sort. I don’t even spend time reading all these things you know it’s a complete lie that’s all I could say at this moment it’s a complete lie, it didn’t happen the way they were saying it. Like I said I didn’t hear anything from the police and anything more.”

Reporter: What kind of person was Laddie ? 

Emil Bradley, Guardian: “Well Laddie was a very funny guy I mean he would always be the clown in the group making everybody laugh, dancing and giving joke. Very mannerly kid I mean nothing compared to what they’re trying to portray about these kids. I mean Laddie would never steal something, there’s no need for him to steal or trying to go steal something. He was a well mannered boy, he was liked by everybody, he wa famous at his school because he was very athletic he played sports. Like I said even in Placencia down there he would run on the beach so he’s that type of person, very friendly and mannerly and nothing he would want to fight the police he would be more afraid of the police and run from the police.”