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Ladyville Police Has New Commanding Officer

In early August last year there was a change at the Ladyville Police Station as the then officer in charge, Assistant Superintendent Christopher Noble was moved and sent to head the Vehicle Fleet of the Belize Police Department whilst Inspector Frederick Gordon was moved from Orange Walk to Ladyville to take over as the Commanding Officer.  Now, fourteen months later, there is a new Commanding Officer by the way of Inspector Juanito Cocom.  Cocom spoke to the media on his plans for the area, saying that he plans to resuscitate the community spirit via sporting activities and the likes as was done under the stewardship of ASP Noble.


“We will continue the good work here. We will indulge a lot with intelligence led policing as well as a lot of community based action. We will beef up the community policing and we will do a lot the same things they are doing in Belize City such as meet and greets, involve ourselves with the people of all the areas. You must remember the Ladyville formation entails a lot of villages as well not only Ladyville itself but we have a lot of villages that are part of this precinct and we will involve a lot with the chairmen of the villages as well. That is one of my major objectives. You’ve noticed that Mr.Noble is a personal friend of mine we are like brothers and I have his support so he has already put it to me that he will assist me in that venture as well.”

With Cocom at the helm of that area and with national elections a few weeks away, we asked him how prepared his officers are considering that there are two constituencies that fall under their jurisdiction.


“I must mention that we have two electoral divisions here that we must cover. That is the Belize Rural Central and Belize Rural North and we have as many as 9 polling stations in the area so we require a lot of man power to man all these areas for election day. So we are viewing our human resources as we speak and whatever we need we will request it. I have met but before I came here was a meeting with the previous officer commanding and all the standard bearers for the area and they have met already and they have met whereby police have expounded to them what is the plan. As a matter of fact next week Friday we have nomination day.”

In the absence of Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster as Rural Executive Officer, Cocom will serve as his deputy.