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Ladyville Police Makes Drug Seizures

Ladyville Rural Rapid Response Team made two separate drug seizures over the weekend. Four hundred and two point five grams were found on a bus and one hundred and seven point three grams were found on two males and a minor who were subsequently charged. Inspector Juanito Cocom of Ladyville Precinct gave details.


“We had two seizures. On Saturday April 16th at about  17:00 (5pm) the Rural Rapid Response Team removed a school bag containing 402.5 grams of suspected cannabis off a public transportation. This occurred between miles 14 and 15 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The drugs were labeled as found property. Another drug seizure on Sunday April 17 at 2pm, the relief personnel from Ladyville police whilst on patrol found 107.3 grams of suspected cannabis and subsequently charged three persons, that is a minor, along with Darrell Franklin a 36 year old Belizean vendor and Rufino Hernandez,  a 28 year old Flowers Bank Village.”

As well last week Thursday, Rural Rapid Response Team searched the residence of Rodwell Emmanuel Conorquie of Crooked Tree Village. Present with him at the time was Shakira Tanisha Codd.   Subsequently police found two bags containing 35.8 grams and 385.7 grams of suspected cannabis.  Likewise an assortment of Mexican Beers was found. They were charged by Police for one count of Possession of a Controlled drugs and one count of Drug Trafficking, and were referred to Customs Department for the contraband beer.