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Ladyville Teen Reported Missing

Fifteen year old Shakti Flowers of Ladyville has been missing for six days. Shakti who is a high school student, left home for school and has not returned. Shakti lives with her father in Ladyville.  Her mother, Shirley Jacobs who resides in Punta Gorda, visited our studios today.


“Friday morning she was in school and the afternoon from then she went missing. She hasn’t returned home since then. He says he didn’t know if his daughter was upset by anything. She wasn’t normal and she went to school like a normal school day. We spoke to some of the people close to her and they don’t know so we are not getting any feedback.”

Jacobs says that she has no idea of where her daughter could be. According to Jacobs, teachers have confirmed that Shakti was in class on Friday morning but never returned after the lunch break. Jacobs told us that today she received a call from her daughter but still have no answers to her whereabouts.


“I got a text this afternoon and the text says “Mom you can call”. I called the phone and I heard her voice but I’m not so sure because there was a lot of noise in the background and I asked her where she was and she replied to me that she couldn’t say and then the phone shut off. I don’t know. I wanted to tell her that we love her and we really want her to come home. We want to know that she’s okay.”

If you have seen 15 year old Shackti Flowers, you are asked to call telephone numbers six –five- three –seven- eight- three- two, six- three –four- zero- four -four -five, six-one- zero-zero-three –zero- five or the nearest police station.