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Lamb Fined $10K for Drugs in the Bedroom

Kirk Lamb, one of two brothers charged with drug trafficking of 236 grams of cannabis, was fined $10,000 today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he pled guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Fraser said that she used her discretion and refrained from giving him a custodial sentence because he saved the court time by pleading guilty and he has no previous conviction for drug offences. He was given until April 30 to pay the fine. If he defaults on payment he will serve 3 years. The charge against Lamb’s brother, David lamb, was withdrawn. Lamb was busted this past Friday afternoon.  The police, members of the Northside Strike Team, went to Lamb’s residence, located on St. Peter Street, to conduct a search for firearm and drugs. When they arrived they saw the brothers in the yard fixing a weed whacker. They went into a bedroom in the house and found 2 plastic bags on the floor. Each bag contained cannabis and when weighed they amounted to 236 grams. Kirk Lamb said he told the police that he was holding the cannabis for someone because it was Christmas time and he needs to eat.