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Lamb meets his Demise at Grocery Store

The first murder over the weekend happened on Saturday night with the shooting death of 42 year old Sydney Lamb. Lamb was targeted when he was at a store. According to his family, he was also robbed. Dalila Ical has the details.

42 year old Sydney Lamb was shot and killed on Casaurina Street in Belize City sometime around seven o’clock on Saturday night while he was at a Chinese grocery shop.

Today his aunt Joycelyn Lamb said that she was at home when she received a phone call from her daughter informing her that Lamb had been killed.

Joycelyn Lamb

“I said stop playing fool. She told me that she was out there and that he was on the ground. When I went out there I didn’t see him because they had already took him to the hospitla so I just passed in my vehicle and I went to the hospital. When I got there they were asking for his identification card. According to what we are hearing on the street he had some problem with the boy and the boy came to rail up with him and it looked like the person went and came back to kill him. That is what I heard, I don’t know about anything else. When he died they said they robbed him of $2,000 because everybody that was out there with him knew that he had the money with him, so when he was on the ground the man that shot him robbed him of his money.”

But Lamb had been receiving threats against his life. His aunt recalls a conversation she had with him some two months ago.

Joycelyn Lamb

“He confided in me and told me that they were threatening to kill him. When I heard his death it didn’t come as a surprise because I had already know that they were threatening to kill him. They succeeded, we will bury him. They took a good man, they don’t know how they hurt us. They always say that people get on tv and swear for their family member but my nephew was not in a gang. My nephew sold his drugs and my nephew smoked his drugs. My nephew didn’t mess with anybody so I didn’t see the reason they took his life.”

But danger seems to loom over the family as Lambs says her other nephews are being threatened.

Joycelyn Lamb

“They took pictures of their homes where they lived. They said that they would kill the nephews, they already killed the uncle they sent the message to them through their uncle so they will come for them next. For what reason I don’t know but we leave everything to the lord. What they do comes around back to them.”