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Lamb walks from a Burglary Charge

Thirty-eight-year-old Kirk Lamb, who gave his occupation as that of the caretaker of a building located at the corner of George Price Highway and Central American Boulevard, was freed of a charge of burglary when he appeared yesterday before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. Lamb was told that the complainant, Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez, does not want any further court action. Lamb is accused of stealing the burglar bar door of the same building he was responsible for. It is alleged that the incident occurred on October 15. We understand that Lamb had already sold the door but when police detained him he took them to the person he sold it to and it was retrieved. The door has a value of six hundred and fifty dollars. Lamb was also spared from going to prison as he owes the court five hundred and five dollars. He explained to the Chief Magistrate that he has a family to feed and he would not be able to do so if he goes to jail. He promised to pay one hundred dollars every Friday until the payment is completed.