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Land Clinic Comes to Freetown

The Ministry of Natural Resources continues its effort to regularize the proper ownership of land. The mobile land clinic continued today at the CIVIC in Belize City. It commenced yesterday and will conclude today. Employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources are assisting residents of the Caribbean Shores and Freetown divisions. Francis Fonseca who is the Freetown Area Representative explained the significance of holding land clinics. 

Francis Fonseca, Area Representative, Freetown: “Land, as you know, is a big challenge, a big issue for most people. Either they want access to land or they have land but they don’t have the proper papers and legal ownership of that land or they have a lease and they want title. So there are many many issues so we’re absolutely grateful to the Deputy Prime Minister and his team at the Ministry of Natural Resources for bringing this land clinic to Freetown, you know, and making their services fully available. It’s a one stop shop. Everything you need is here. Some people have been very very happy and very pleased with the services they got. We have over 150 people that we signed up for today and tomorrow we have another big group trying to resolve these issues. So it’s a part of our Plan Belize agenda, our commitment: Land in your hands. So we’re just trying to fulfil that mandate.”