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Land Confusion In Port Loyola

“Empowering the people with access to land” is what the Minister of state Gilroy Usher chose to title his latest actions of attempted land distribution in the Port Loyola Area. On Saturday Usher posted on his Facebook Page, that he was accompanied by police officers to a plot of crown land near the Faber’s Road substation, to place markers in order to begin the process of making lots available for first time land owners in his constituency. Usher had also made allegations of land grabbing against the former area representative, claiming that on two previous occasions of marking the land, operatives of the former Area Representative had unlawfully removed the markers as if the land was his personal property. Love News contacted the former Area Representative in question who informed us that the parcel of land he is accused of owning belongs to neither him nor the government but rather, it is the private property of one Shelda Delaine Patnett. According to the former minister, Patnett is now seeking legal action to obtain what she calls rightful ownership of the land. The alleged land owner provided Love News with documents showing that in July 2020 she had filed an application for land certification but has yet to receive the documents. We reached out to Minister Gilroy Usher but he has declined our request for an interview. ///