Land Gift Initiative: 350 Employees at Ready Call Center BPO Become Landowners

Land Gift Initiative: 350 Employees at Ready Call Center BPO Become Landowners

350 employees at Ready Call Center BPO are now first-time landowners through the Land Gift Initiative. RCC BPO in partnership with the Government of Belize was able to make this possible for their staff. The Call center is Belize’s largest employer with over 2100 employees countrywide including Belize, Orange Walk, Cayo and Dangriga. Executive Vice President, David Wright spoke to Love News about the initiative.

David Long, Executive Vice President, RCCBI: “I got to give credit where credit is due. We have an employee Criselda Madrill and that actually gave birth to the initiative. She came to the company and I asked if we could work with the ministry and because she wanted to help some people in Belize and so from there we developed a small internal team of Christie Frampton and Kenny Depaz and some other people and they’ve done a great job of creating some surveys and some questionnaires and we work directly with the government Mr.Cordel Hyde and his team and the rest is history. The Belize government done a great job and came through with what they offered and since then we’re at 350 employees at this point that’s already received the parcel number and the land number and all the needed documentation. And we have a hundred more pending and we’ll have another land clinic in March to gather more employees. I think it’s always important to give back to the people of Belize and to our staff so once we heard the idea we thought it was great. I mean how could you say no it’s a great opportunity for the staff and the country of Belize and the future of Belize. So all those things are always important to us and we’re trying to find new creative ways and we thought this was a great one. Minister Cordel Hyde and his team came through in a big way as I already said. They sent a team here to collect the surveys at the beginning of December and the first week of January it was already completed. So they came in two different times and started at 8:30 in the morning and worked both times late into the evening and the entire team did an incredible job and it’s been absolutely fantastic to see the government do what they’ve done. I’d like to thank the Government of Belize and Mr.Cordel Hyde once again for coming through for our employees and for Belize.”

The parcels of lands are within Belize City. One of the recipients who has been employed at the company for eight months, Vanina Wright says she has accomplished one of her goals for the New Year.

Vanina Wright, Land Recipient: “Very excited. Very very excited because honestly this year I told my children that we will fight to get land this year, we’re going into lands and that will be our number one priority to do this year, to get us a piece of land. But when I heard at work here that the lands department came in and they would issue land to every employee well I’m happy, I’m glad. I got my paper. I went in and did all my write up, got my letter now to go in and pay the money that I need ot pay so that I can get it in my name and I am good. At least I didn’t have to do all that hassling that people like to talk about you go and get this and you won’t get it but I know right now I have one in my name an dI am very happy for that. Thanks to RCC and the government whoever is the one that made this come true. I am very very happy.”

Reporter: Your year started off really bright. 

Vanina Wright, Land Recipient: “Very bright. Nothing else I can ask for 2024 honestly and health with my kids and everything. First I aim to get one of those Mennonite houses and start with that and then eventually build my own after that. Thanks to my work and to the Minister that helped with this to give us a piece of land at least for 2024 I can say I have something in my name that is for me and my kids after all.”

The corporate is working with the Government to provide land for employees in Dangriga.

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