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Landlord reportedly killed for rent money

The death of 57-year-old, Errol Crown, is being investigated as his body was found in the back of his yard.  Authorities were called out to Neal Pen Road, Belize City, on Saturday, June 29 just after six o’clock in the morning where they found an elderly man, lying faced up on the grass.  Crown had cut wounds to the face and the head. Preliminary inquiries indicate that Crown was on Dunn Street the night before and had gone home but never made it inside his house.  A neighbour found his body on the grass and alerted police. Assistance Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, said that they are looking at it as a robbery.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “Saturday morning just after 6:30 police were called to number 99 Neals Penn Road where upon arrival behind a small house they observed the body of Mr. Llewellyn lying face up with injuries to his face and to the back of his head. The body was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. What police gathered so far is that Mr. Crown had just left his daughter’s residence and had arrived at his house. Police also found that some of his belongings are missing and the house door was partially broken. Well we know that some of his belongings are missing, we cannot ascertain the exact amount of cash that was stolen from him but we understand that his wallet and some money are missing from him.”

Crown’s family believes the same as police: that he was robbed for the rent money he had just collected during the day.

Joel Dara Robinson – Brother- in-law Deceased: “All we know is that Errol was here in this same yard because his sister had a birthday and we found out that he collected some rent money from the people because he rents homes and stuff. What we got to understand is that he left from here from 11 o’clock and he went. Either they followed him or somebody from the yard that rents from him probably jumped him. We are not sure if it is stab or lash they lash him in his head but all I know when they identified the body he was bleeding a lot from his head so as far as the family is concerned that is what we really know. I don’t know if they followed him or they dodged him in the yard but somehow he was probably telling people that he was collecting money and stuff so they jumped him. I got to meet Crown mostly on the latter part of his life and getting to know him, I found him to be a funny guy. Like I told you he has his little ways but he is someone that if you are in a bad mood he will come and tell you something to make you laugh or if you would tell him something. He is someone that you could ask a favor as long as you give him a dollar he would roll go buy for you and thing.”

Beulah Hyde – Sister of the Deceased: “Most of his life he was living in America and since he came he contacted us and been around us. We are happy that he was around us but somebody saw something, I know someone saw what happened and they can come out and talk.”

According to his sister, Crown spent most of his life in the states, where some of his kids still reside. Crown’s body now awaits a post mortem at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police currently have no suspects.//////