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Landlords to Register Accommodations with the BTB

If you are renting a room or even a space to someone as accommodations at a cost, then you are required to register that service with the Registrar of Hotels at the Belize Tourism Board. BTB says it is in the law books and you are legally mandated to do so. BTB says that under the Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Act any owner or operator providing accommodation for payment purposes to any guest, local or foreign, regardless of its location in the country is required to do so.  So if you are running a hotel, resort, lodge or an inn then you are obligated to report it to the BTB. If you offer accommodations at a cost at vacation homes, guest houses, camp sites, bed and breakfast, motel, bungalow apartments, home stay facilities, religious or educational and research facilities, dormitories or cabins, villas, beach houses or even community-based tourist establishments, then you are obligated to register that service with BTB. And if you don’t, then you are in breach of the law and the fine attached to such offence is no more than ten thousand dollars or no more than three years behind bars. Many persons offering such services do not know about this law which is why BTB has embarked on an awareness campaign.BTB says, being a registered guest accommodation service with BTB gives the owner or operator the benefit of having a hotel license to operate legally and freely and as well to benefit from the strategic plans and promotions of the BTB.