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Lands Minister Returns to Dangriga

Minister of Lands Cordel Hyde was back in Dangriga Town today to personally attend to land issues that residents in that area have been experiencing.  Correspondent Harry Arzu was at the town council today where he met up with Minister Hyde.

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Honorable Cordel Hyde and his team spent Friday and part of Thursday here in Dangriga where they addressed land related matters for residents of Dangriga, Hope Creek and Sarawee as well as residents from other communities here in the Stann Creek district. First time land owners were given the opportunity to apply for a plot of land at the Russel Chiste Garcia Auditorium where the minister held the event while his team processed the applications. On the other hand others voiced their land related matter to the minister which he said he will address in due time. We also spoke with him.

Hon. Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: “It was clear from very early in the morning that we needed to commit to coming back here because the need was so great, the deprivation was so much that it’s been some time since people here had gotten the opportunity to own a piece of land, there were too many persons old and young who had not gotten this opportunity and who really wanted it and as I said before it was our commitment to bring  the Lands Department to the people in the communities to take them up to the people as opposed to having the people having to go all the way to Belmopan and have to go through all the problems that we go through traditionally and so this was one way of doing that, this is the beginning of it. We’re really happy with the efforts here by our staff and really happy with the response of the people and really happy helping people, giving people a chance to get a piece of land. People here are so gracious, are so happy, so just relieved, happy to get a piece of land anywhere. They understand the difficulties in getting a piece of land in Dangriga and they’re prepared to take a piece of land anywhere they just want to have a piece to provide for their children in the future.”

During his visit last week to Dangriga, Minister Hyde had managed to see one hundred and seventy five residents.