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Lands Minister Says Harmonyville Papers are Processing

Squatters are still occupying areas of the Harmonyville Agricultural Subdivision along the George Price Highway. As you may recall those who first squatted in the area got together to form BGYEA and the matter was taken to court. After mediation, it was agreed that Government would assist in solving the issue once and for all. Today Minister of Natural Resources, Godwin Hulse, gave us an update.


I understand from my secretary that there is an appointment with Mr.Petillo and his team to begin to look at that. I know that there have been a few people who have come in to say that they have been there; as you know there is a very clear court declaration on that matter and the government did say that it would facilitate people acquiring titles to the lands that were assigned, I understand the Ministry had kept its office opened until late the night to facilitate applications from people and I can tell you since I am the Minister that I have already signed title documents for some of those parcels already so after we speak to Mr.Petillo we will see where we are with that one.”