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laptops and tablets given away for International Literacy Day

Ten schools received tablets while five others received free laptops at the Belize District Education Centre expo at the Belize Training and Education Centre this morning. CEO for the Ministry of Education, Carol Babb said September 8th is celebrated as International Literacy Day and this year the theme is Literacy Skills and Development.

Carol Babb Chief Education Officer:Every September 8th International Literacy Day is celebrated but because it falls on a  Saturday we are doing it today and the theme today is Literacy and Skills Development and so we are emphasizing the importance of children getting the opportunity. When I say get the opportunity it is their right to learn to read and write well but we as the  Ministry of Education must ensure that they develop the skills and knowledge at the end of Standard 1. They will encounter problems in themselves so we are trying to be proactive and put certain measure in place for example we are working; we are targeted intervention for ten schools that aren’t doing so well when it comes to literacy but in addition to that we have a screening yet for Standard 1 for all schools. Every Child should sit that exam and teachers will be given a tool kit which will guide them with interventions to assist those children who are not reading at their grade level.”

Reporter: “Who are represented here today?”

Carol Babb Chief Education Officer: “We have a cross section of schools from primary and secondary schools and every district is celebrating International Literacy Day.”

Several high schools participated in the literacy program. Laptops were given to: the Hattieville Government School; St. John’s Anglican Primary School; Central Christian Primary School; Wesley Lower School and St. Ignatius R.C. Primary School.