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Las Flores community reject agreement concerning land dispute

The Belmopan City Council has come to an agreement with the Catholic Diocese over land issues at St. Michael Roman Catholic Primary School in Las Flores. As we reported, villagers were up in arms after the land adjacent to the school was sold to a private individual. Villagers say the land had been earmarked for expansion of the School.  Yesterday Mayor Khalid Belisle met with Father Jordan Gongora of the Belmopan Catholic Mission and it was agreed that two parcels of land would be given to the Catholic Diocese for future expansion of the school. Mayor Belisle in his capacity as Vice Chair of the Recondev Board would seek to have the land on which the school sits be granted to them. The City Council will also assist with landscaping of the school lands. Mayor Belisle has expressed his thanks to the management of St. Michael RC School for their role in reaching an amicable and mutually beneficial solution.  This evening a release from the Las Flores Community Steering Committee says they reject the agreement. They say the agreement is totally contrary to what the community expressed they wanted at the meeting held on Sunday. It says the community is appalled that such an agreement was reached without their consent. They reiterate their calls that the parcels sold to Amy Chen be returned and not exchanged for the softball and futsal fields which they say have been used by the Las Flores youths since the inception of Las Flores.