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Last Man on Death Row at Belize Central Prison Gets Some Reprieve

Glenford Baptist is the last person who remains on death row at the Belize Central Prison.  Today, Baptist, who was on death row for 13 years, was given some reprieve when he was brought before the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin where the decision of the Belize Court of Appeal was quashed after finding that his constitutional rights were violated. Baptist’s attorney, Prescilla Banner made an application for the decision to be quashed and Deputy Solicitor General Nigel Hawke conceded that Baptist’s constitutional rights were violated. The matter has been adjourned for October 8 for the court to hear arguments as to what appropriate sentence Baptist should get.  Baptist was charged along with two others for the murder of Azrin White.  The three men stood trial and Supreme Court Justice Wilfred Elrington sentenced the trio to death by hanging in November of 2001.  The three men appealed but in June 2002, only Mendez’s conviction was quashed.  Mendez has since died and so has, Gilroy Wade.  Baptist remains imprisoned, at the least, until the case concludes before the Chief Justice and a decision is rendered.