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Latest book on El Pilar released

Friends of El Pilar Maya Forest Garden Network presented a book entitled “The Mayan Forest Garden” Eight Mellennia of sustainable Cultivation of the Tropical Woodlands. The book is to enlighten the public on sustainable living via the Belizean Forest. Facilitator Cynthia Topsey, told Love News what the group at Friends of the El Pilar Maya Forest Garden Network focuses on.

Cynthia Topsey – Facilitator

“One of the things we’ve been trying to do is to encourage Belizeans to understand and to embrace the rainforest and the wealth of the rainforest and to pass on the information to young people, schools and to communities, especially community leaders in the areas around the Maya sites. So we have developed several projects within schools particularly the Santa Familia primary school which is a model for schools throughout the country.”

Author of the book Dr. Anabel Ford who is the Director of the El Pilar program told us about the importance of the book.

Dr. Anabel Ford – Author

“El Pilar and the Maya Forest Garden can draw from the past and bring to the future ways of feeding people, conserving water, building soil and enjoying the beauty of the biodiversity that we have here. We’re launching a book but this is just the beginning, it’s to get people to think how we can actually live sustainably drawing from the sustainable paths of the ancient Maya and the modern Maya. The people who collaborated with me to create the context of this book.

The book can be bought on amazon.com.