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Law and Order’s Finest Recognized

The police department held a special ceremony today for officers who have not only done their duty, but showed additional vigilance and courage under pressure. Love News attended the ceremony at the Queen Street Police Station this morning in Belize City.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “The Belize Police Department held another award ceremony to recognize officers who had performed exemplary while carrying out their duties. At this latest ceremony, the Police Department awarded less than a dozen officers who pursued a burglary in progress and those who brought last weeks A & R robbery to a peaceful conclusion. The keynote address was delivered by Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.”

Speaker: “We want to recognize Reginio Asi # 1833.”

Chester Williams – Commissioner of Police: “I am proud and I am happy to see the good work that you continue to do and today’s ceremony is another testimony of good police work. Now while we have a number of officers who will be awarded today, that does not mean there are not many other officers out there who are worthy of being awarded as well but you can understand that we can only award the best of the best. Those persons who will be awarded today is because they have performed exemplary, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that citizen security is maintained and so we have the police officers from the Prosecution Branch who were out in Hattieville delivering prisoners that got information of a burglary in progress. They responded, they caught the burglars and recovered everything stolen, man that is exemplary work. Please give those officers a round of applause.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “That May 9th incident that the Compol referred to included W.P.C. Linda Chun and her associates who were recognized today for attending to a situation that was out of their jurisdiction. “

W.P.C. Linda Chun – Attached to Prosecution Branch: “It was just our observation while coming back from the Prison Department delivering remanded prisoners. On our way back between mile 10 and 11 on the highway, I saw a male person coming out of a yard with a TV in his hand. My coworker said hey those guys are stealing and so we set a chase. When my coworker turned on the siren, the guy turned around and saw it was the police, he then set down the TV and ran towards a parked vehicle. That is where we set the chase because they were about to move so we intercepted the vehicle and apprehended him. He went to the vehicle and we told him to come out because our co-workers were prepared. That is where we apprehended the seven persons: we had detained three male persons and four minors along with them. I know I deserve it because I have been a long serving member of the Police Department and I really enjoy the policing job, it has been 28 years of service.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “ Next matter we looked at this morning is the matter at A & R on the Philip Goldson Highway. Again that incident demonstrates the bravery of police officers. You know these police officers who go into the line fire, was being fired upon and did not retreat, they stood their ground and ensured that it was the criminal who had to surrender, not the police, again please give those officers a round of applause.”

C.P.L. Sheldon Hernandez – C.I.B. Belama: “The civilian staff came out of the A & R building and uttered the words they are robbing the store. Based upon that information we then went into operations with training that we have received so my co workers and I jumped into action. We did our best to keep our cool due to the fact that it was very stressful. Upon entering the building I was fired upon so like I said the experience and the training that I have received from being in the Police Department I was able to keep my cool and I handled the situation in the best way we could, including getting the suspects alive. I explained to him that he has a life to live and that the building was surrounded by police so he had to make a decision. It was a negotiation situation because we were having an exchange of words so I explain to him that if he does come out alive then we will take him into custody and no harm will be done to him. It seems to me in telling him that he released the security guard that was being held, hostage. He then placed down the items which were a firearm and walked out along with the other accomplice.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “As someone who has won this award before do you continue to set a standard in your everyday life in the work that you do?”

C.P.L. Sheldon Hernandez – C.I.B. Belama: “Yes, sir, I continue to set standards and explain to my personnels that there is always one way. When you come to work you have to have something set aside; your family first, your life and then the civilians. These are routine things that we as police officers do with each other.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Officers, those of you who are being recognized today for your bravery, your good work I salute each and every one of you and I want to assure you that your good work is not going unnoticed. Please keep up the good work, do not see this as the end results or do not see this to say that you have arrived but see your recognition today as a stepping stone for many other recognitions to come. You must understand that those recognitions will only come if you work towards achieving them and so to the officers who are not being recognized today and believe that you deserve a recognition I say to you please keep up the good work, do not give up because, do not think that because you are not being recognized today that your work is not recognized. We see every good work that our officers do and in our own way, we try to see how best we can big you up for it. You would understand again that we can only give awards for instances where the officers have demonstrated the zeal to work, where they have demonstrated that they have performed above and beyond the call of duty.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter:  “With recognition and hard work perhaps we will see more officers proudly wearing the badge. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”