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Lawrence Appeals His Murder Conviction

Forty-year-old Jason Bruce Lawrence is appealing his conviction for the murder of his common-law wife, forty-year-old Mercedes Carillo. Lawrence’s attorney, Yohanseh Cave, had appealed on several grounds, but the court only considered the ground of diminished responsibility that Lawrence was allegedly suffering from when he committed the offence. Lawrence was examined by Dr. Latham, a psychiatrist from the United Kingdom, who diagnosed him with schizophrenia. On December four, two thousand and nine, Carrillo was stabbed five times shortly after midnight at the couple’s home in Burrell Boom. According to the evidence that came out of the trial, Carillo received a phone call and an agrument ensued between her and Lawrence. She called the police and Lawrence left before the police arrived and returned about an hour later only to find that Carillo had locked him out of the house. He damaged the door in order to get in and stabbed Carillo in her chest and abdomen. Carillo’s teenage son and daughter, who were present, intervened. Her son struck Lawrence on his back with a guitar and her daughter stabbed him with a knife. The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision for Lawrence.  The crown was represented by Senior Crown Counsels Sheiniza Smith and Cecil Ramirez.