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Leader of the Opposition comments on Espat’s walk out

At the last Sitting of the House of Representatives, Area Representative for Cayo South, Julius Espat walked out after the Speaker of the House prevented him from speaking on the 2012-2013 Auditor General’s Report which had been tabled that morning. This time, Espat walked the lonely road out of the chamber as his colleagues in the PUP remained seated. Yesterday, Party Leader John Briceno was asked why his party did not walk out with Espat.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

“We all know that the Hon. Julius Espat is a very emotional person, he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He wears his love for his area and Belize openly, he does not hide it and whenever he sees these issues of wrongdoing and corruption and the frustration when the Government tries to block us, he  reacts emotionally, that is fine. We as a party have to realize that the fight is in the House, we have to stay in there and fight, we have to fight the Government.  We support what he is doing because it makes our case even stronger because we know that the Prime Minister does not want to talk about the Audit of the Auditor General. When we see the fleecing in the Ministry of Works, in the Ministry of Finance. The Auditor General has condemned the Minister of Finance who is the Prime Minister in the way he has been managing the finances of this country so they want to do any and everything possible to try to deflect away from that discussion.”

Espat who is the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee met with committee members on Monday who according to Briceno voted to have the meetings in private.


John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

“On Monday, the Hon. Julius Espat called for a public account committee meeting and the four UDP Ministers went to the house committee meeting. And as Chairman Julius Espat said we need to have public hearings, the four ministers voted against having an open hearing so that the public and the media cannot go in and listen to what is taking place. Chairman Julius Espat pointed out to them that in 2012 the Prime Minister went on record to say that all the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee should be  public, it should be open and any and everybody should be welcomed to go in to participate or listen.  The four Ministers said that was a previous administration and refused to have an open meeting to the public so in effect it is no longer the public accounts committee, it is the secret accounts committee that the UDP is now controlling in the House.”