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Leader of the Opposition not surprised with the way Forte’s case is being handled

The Police department has said that they need Amy Forte to file a formal complaint to be able to proceed with the investigations into the allegation of forgery on land papers she has cited, in a letter through her lawyer, to the Prime Minister. What appears to be Forte’s signature, appears on land documents that has to do with a transaction involving Andre Vega, son of Former UDP Minister Gasper Vega and seven acres of land on Mosquito Caye.  Now, while the Prime Minister ordered an investigation into the case, the Major Crimes Unit of the Belize Police Department that was tasked with that investigation cannot proceed further without her official complaint. The Opposition PUP has been very vocal on the issue and today, the Party Leader John Briceno says the recent developments in the case were expected.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

“Are you surprised of the police’s stance? I am not. This is exactly what I expected from them and not gas. That has a whole bowser full of gas that is ready to explode that is why they don’t want to touch it because it’s an explosion that can bring down the UDP government. I think that it is the Ministry of Natural Resources that needs to do their investigation and once they see that there is fraud then the Prime Minister needs to send it to the DPP and tell the DPP there is fraud, ‘here is somebody that has fraudulently signed on behalf of Ms.Forte and we need to take court action against these people.’ not for the police to decide that. She has already done what she has to do, she has made her presentation her letter, her information, her signature was fraudulently signed what does she have to do? Why does she have to go to the police? She has gone to the highest man in this land no other than the Prime Minister and now you are telling me that she has to go again to the police, come on man that is stupidness. This is foolishness on the part of the police and I am very disappointed that the police is following the advice or the directive of the politicians in Government. The police is supposed to be independent.”

Briceno adds that even if the Ministry of Natural Resources would conduct an investigation into the allegations, he does not trust that the findings would lead to further action against Vega.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

“What I believe is going to happen is that that file is going to disappear. It’s going to disappear so that even if we get into government or when we get into government and then we try to see if we can take the do the right thing and take corrective action against the perpetrators in this crime. I would not be surprised if that file would be missing so what the police is doing they are trying to fool the Belizean people. They are being led by the political directorate because even they could tell you that this person has made an accusation, the Prime Minister as the Minister of Natural Resources accepted it and said yes there is something wrong that is why I have instructed the Ministry to cancel that title because you can’t just cancel a title and the Prime Minister knows that.”