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Leader of the Opposition participated in fuel protest

At the protest was Leader of the People’s United Party John Briceno and other members of the PUP. Briceno explained why he joined the protest led by Belize Leaders for Social Justice.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“We are here as citizens of this country. There was a call for everyone to come out to show their displeasure and dissatisfaction with the high cost of fuel and that is what we are here supporting. This was something that was organized by COLA and other people, we are here to support and we believe that the cost is out of hand. The Prime Minister very well knows that he is taxing to the tune of 42-23% of the pump price that of every dollar that you pay to the pump about .42 to .43 cents go to the Government of Belize. We are saying that if the Prime Minister is serious about reducing the cost of fuel he needs to reduce the tax. The cost of fuel has a direct impact on the productive sector, on the private sector and on every single citizen of this country. If you use your car to go to work or if you have to take a bus to come to work the cost goes up and it continues to drag down the economy. What the Prime Minister does not realize is that he’s thinking like an attorney or he is thinking like a tax sucker, wants as much tax as he can out of the Belizean people because he has mismanaged and ill spent the taxpayer’s monies and so he needs more money. He has an insatiable appetite.”

Briceno called for civil disobendience.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“It is time to go on to civil disobedience we are not even talking about civil disobedience all we are simply talking is about coming out and to show our displeasure in actions of the Prime Minister that he and the UDP government have been taking. The issue of corruption, the issue of incompetence, the issue of over taxation these are issues that affect the Belizean people every single day and people are getting enough of it and the Prime Minister needs to take corrective action or else the people are going to take the necessary corrective action.”