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Leader of the Opposition refutes claim by BUFERHD about your vote

PUP Leader John Briceno was also asked about BUFERHD’s claim that politicians know who Belizeans vote for. The Belize United for Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora, BUFERHD. Dereck Aikman who is the president of BUFHERD says that because the ballots are numbered, at the time of reconciliation political operatives can tell who you voted for. But according to Briceno, this is not so.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“If it is something of Buffer concern, they are concerned about the secrecy in elections I don’t necessarily agree with it. I have spoken to Chief Elections Officers and also to the present Chief Elections Officers and people who are in the know and they have demonstrated to me that it is very difficult for somebody to know how you vote and so to me it’s not something that I am really concerned about and that I believe that generally the voting process I think is a fairly good one, it can improve but to say that it is a major issue I don’t think so. What is the problem is that I think we need to be able to address the issue of people being registered in areas where they don’t live, the issue is where the government has issued out nationalities to people who did not meet the qualification two months before the elections just so that they can get the vote. The issue is that there is fraud committed with the voters list not necessary when they go to actual voting that is the concern and that is what we need to address. The Prime Minister loves that you are talking about this issue of whether there is going to be fraud because he does not want you to talk about the big issue, the big issue is that it is a fraudulent list, it is a list that needs to be cleaned up that is why he is doing everything possible to try to stop a reregistration. He has done everything in his power to ensure that we use the same list to go to the municipal elections because he knows that he has an inherent advantage with that list. We want to protect democracy we need to start with the list, we need to have a re-registration we need to clean it out and move out people that don’t belong on that list and we need to ensure that the people are registered where they live.”