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Leader of the Opposition says “Enough is Enough”

The People’s United Party has vowed that it will keep pressure on the UDP Government until the Prime Minister Dean Barrow acts appropriately in response to the recent scandals plaguing his administration. The PUP held an executive meeting this afternoon at its headquarters in Belize where Party Leader John Briceno briefed the media.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

“As a Party and a national executive has taken a resolve that we have had enough of the illegal activities that have been taking place in the UDP Government. We believe that the Prime Minister has been taking this country for fools for too long. The Prime Minister in many instances have given the indication that he suspected what has been taking place in his Government. Remember the famous quote about the hotbed of corruption and the other one about immigration when he said for God’s sake stop it. He was aware of what has been taking place in his Government and he has done nothing, the only time he gives you an inch is to try to diffuse what is taking place. When we had issues with the teachers he decided that he agreed that he was going to take a number of steps for instance the Public Accounts Committee that he was going to reconfigure it, that he was going to be open to the public and here more than a year later n nothing has happened.  Just Monday his Ministers decided that they are not going to have an open meeting. We have the actual evidence that they have been stealing the people’s patrimony that we have a Minister who has perpetuated a crime and to this day right now, it is more than 24 hours later and no one has been arrested.  When we have Andre Vega saying okay I am going to give you back the land, why it is that he is not giving back the $400,000.00, why is it that they have to go to court to have to collect that.  Our party has had enough.  We are going to have a sustained activity and discussion and conversation with the Belizean people. We are going to meet with the social partners and everyone because enough is enough. I don’t want to hear any sweet words from the Prime Minister, we made some demands yesterday and I am going to write him officially that we want to hear when these people are going to be arrested, we want to know when they are going to return the lands that they have acquired all across the country.”