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Leader of Opposition denounces Paullette Elrington’s request for salaries while on leave

On Wednesday the Public Service Union condemned the request of Paulette Elrington to continue receiving allowances for housing, furniture, child’s education and others, even though she will be on study leave. Paulette, the daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, is currently employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but is on study leave. Leader of the Opposition also denounces the request. Here is what he said about it.

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio:This has been a record of the UDP Government. If you are to look at all the people that have been getting all the big scholarships, the scholarships where taxpayers are spending tens of thousands of dollars, you will notice that most of them are the Ministers’ children or relatives of the Ministers that are very highly connected to the UDP. I don’t know Ms. Paulette and I wish her no ill. I believe that while she may be entitled to a scholarship…but to be able to ask and supposedly it was being recommended that all the perks that she was getting while living in New York for it to be paid for her living in Jamaica where first of all the cost of living is way lower. I think it is simply unacceptable. Again it shows a pattern of this UDP Government where only the friends and families of the closely knit, highly connected UDP officials have been benefiting since 2008 under Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party Government.”

The PSU wrote in their release, quote, “study leave for over a year should never be approved at one hundred percent salary commitment at the expense and detriment to the people of Belize and the special allowances being requested for Miss Elrington are not afforded to officers whilst on study leave.”  End of quote.  The PSU has asked the Ministry of Public Service to reject the request in its entirety.//////