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Leader of Opposition discusses crime situation

In recent weeks Belize has seen a rise in violent crimes ranging from home invasions to murders.  It is a situation that has seen authorities implementing curfews, checkpoints for quality of life crimes and preventative detention.  Yesterday in an interview with Love News, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, expressed concerns over the issue and says that the PUP stands ready to work with the Government.

Hon. John Briceno, Opposition Leader: Crime is not just that one person can tackle it. You know the Minister of  National Security needs to understand, the quicker he understands the better, that he alone can’t solve this problem. It is a problem that is now affecting the entire country and that we have to work together to be able to address it, the government, the opposition, social partners, the business community, the schools all of us. We have been offering our help over and over and over to the government and to the Prime Minister I’ve said it in the House to the Minister of National Security and to this day they don’t take our offer. So we continue to offer our help and whenever they call us we will be there because crime is affecting all of us, our personal lives, how we walk the streets, the business community is becoming much more expensive to do business in Belize because of the issue of security or the lack of security in the country.”