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Government & Politics

Leader of the Opposition says we each owe 10K

Perhaps the budget should have been the most discussed topic at the Sitting of the House.  As part of the road rehabilitation project, a US $36,576,000 loan was tabled to rehabilitate from La Democracia Village to the Hummingbird Highway at Mile 9. There was also a US $5,941,000 and US $20 million secured from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. The 5.9 million US was set aside for the Second Road Safety Project and the $20 Million US for 26 miles of the Caracol Road to be upgraded to asphalt. In total, about 100 million dollars in infrastructure and road development was announced.  The Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno says now every man woman and child owes close to ten thousand dollars.

John Bricenio Leader of the Opposition: “The fact is that he said he was going to reduce the national debt and it has increased. When you look at our national debt for instance the GDP and the economy he claims has grown, that he has finally managed to increase it by one billion dollars. We doubled it in less than ten years so now when you compare debt to GDP it has allowed them to borrow even far more than what we could have borrowed during our time.”

Reporter:As a percentage.”

John Bricenio Leader of the Opposition: “Right as a percentage he continues to borrow more and more. As it is right now every Belizean man, woman and child owes in excess of $9000 and he is still telling you that he is coming back to borrow more money. When will it stop? When are we going to look at doing projects to improve the lives of our citizens? Our young people are on the southside of Belize City and they feel as if they have no future and are killing one another. We are supposed to be going in there and doing massive programs to improve the lives of these kids, to improve the lives of these single mothers. To help these single mothers that are grieving because they have lost children. This Government is about projects and we need a Government that is about people. I can assure you that the next PUP Government is going to go in to serve the people of this country, to make the lives of our people better and not just the lives of some people because that is exactly what has been happening under the UDP Government.”

The budget will be debated on March 25 and 26 in Belmopan.


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