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Leader of the Opposition says Universal Health Care debt was at Zero

Prior to his sudden departure, the leader of the Opposition initially chastised the UDP for their alleged bad deeds. However, he said the PM was negligent when the UDP came to power because the Universal Health debt had a zero balance. He blamed Prime Minister Barrow for forcing the Central Bank to retake the funds from the Belize Bank, which resulted in a 30 million dollars debt ballooning to ninety-five plus million dollars. The leader of the Opposition also pointed out that the Prime Minister and his law partner in the firm Barrow and Williams, Rodwell Williams have both used the services provided by the hospital.

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio: “Let me point out that this very same hospital that the Prime Minister and the UDP has so vilified has provided an continue to provide excellent health care services to the people of this country. When the Prime Minister’s law partner was shot do you know where he was taken?  He was taken to UHS and thank God because of the excellent service that he got Mr. Williams is still here with us today and I want to quickly add that I consider Mr. Williams my friend but it is UHS that saved his life. Do you know where our Prime Minister goes every month to get his check up; at UHS which is now Belize Healthcare Partners to make the point that it is a good hospital. Now we know as the Prime Minister pointed out that DFC could not provide the necessary funds for UHS so the Belize Bank took over the loan and the government gave a guarantee and the Minister of Finance our Prime Minister guaranteed the loan. Would I have supported their guarantee “ I don’t think so, I don’t think I would have supported that guarantee. A few years later unfortunately the owners of UHS couldn’t pay the loan and the bank came knocking at the governments door to collect. This became such a volatile issue as the Prime Minister has eloquently explained in the house that then Prime Minister Musa recognized that: A the debt had to be paid and B that it would be difficult to use Belizean tax payers dollars to pay for it so he successfully managed to to get the funds from our friends: Taiwan and Venezuela. He managed to negotiate grants free money to pay off this debt that the government had through at the bank. Just imagine the disappointment of the Prime MInister and the UDP. When they got into government because in their minds they felt that some kind of conspiracies takes place in the taxpayers monies. Just imagine their disappointment when they got into government and they found that the UHS debt was at zero, nada. The people of Belize owned nothing for the UHS debt. When the Prime Minister found this out that the debt was paid off using zero dollars from the taxpayers monies your financial genius the Prime Minister he decided to use the Central Bank to order Belize Bank to pay back the money to the Government. There was no reason to do this Madam Speaker except because of his spitefulness, maliciousness and recklessness Madam speaker.”