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Leader of the Opposition Speaks out on Current Crime Situation in Belize

As we are all well aware, there is a less than three percent conviction rate for murders committed in Belize. As in the last case we just reported murders are being committed in eyesight of both police checkpoints and police stations.  One of the most recent victims, Francis Gill is the brother of PUP supporter Vaughn Gill.  Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno said that crime affects him personally, but it’s way past time that the Government does more to address the crime situation.

John Briceno, Leader Of The Opposition: Francis Gill is the brother of Vaughn Gill, a very good friend of mine and works along with us in the party and our heart goes out to the Gill family and this other innocent person. I was speaking to that Chair of the Party, Henry Charles Usher, this gentleman is a voter in Fort George and he is telling me John, this gentleman, he harms no one. He washes vehicles and he was sitting outside on his bucket waiting to wash another vehicle when someone just drove by and shot him dead. This is the kind of callousness we are now facing in Belize where some of these people have little or no regard for human lives. But it is also symptomatic of the government. The Police, it seems that they are not properly equipped to do the proper investigations. The police in many instances have lost the confidence of the community because if the police has the confidence of the community, in many instances the community knows what’s going on and could talk to the  police and could tip off the police. Once they lose that confidence they don’t get the cooperation from our citizens . We need to work on that. We need to work on strengthening our constitution department; the DPP’s office. Whilst I am sure they are overwhelmed with work we have to ensure that the Police can do proper investigations and help to set up a proper case so that then the DPP’s office can do proper convictions. What is happening today is that many of these people, many of these criminals have realized that if I kill somebody, there is only three chances in a hundred that I am going to be convicted. Out of every hundred, only three get convicted.