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Leadercast molding leaders

Good leaders are in demand and in order to fill this void a leadership conference was held in Belize City. The conference was made up of nine dynamic speakers who were being simulcast live from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to several different countries. Here in Belize, more than two hundred persons attended the conference. Love news spoke with Teresita Perez-Martinez, Chief Implementation Consultant at Chamberlain Consulting Limited who spoke about the event.

Teresita Perez-Martinez, Chief Implementation Consultant at Chamberlain Consulting Limited: “The theme is focusing on leading yourself, understanding that in order for us to be leaders to other be people we have to first focus on us, making sure we are leaders, taking care of our self because if we are not taken care of then we are not able to be good leaders to others and as good leaders we are being looked to to set the example and for example we had Andy Stanley just now who was talking about instant gratification and he was talking about how good leaders don’t focus on instant gratification because most of the times the things that we want now aren’t necessarily the things that we value so focusing on what we want and actually what we value and what we need to be to be good leaders also Leadercast has certain behaviors and values which to focus on so good leaders make sure that they are brave they go beyond themselves, they have insight, they have integrity so there is a list of values and behaviors that if you are following these things then you know you are being a good leader.”

Perez-Martinez said it is hoped that persons will use the knowledge gained to make a difference in Belize.