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Leah Woodye, dialysis patient, needs your help

The family of 31-year-old Leah Miller Woodye, like many of us, has had to face the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic. But her problems got visibly worse when she became a dialysis patient last year. Now, the family is appealing to the public for help to keep her alive. Dale McDougall reports. 

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: 31-year-old mother, Leah Miller Woodye needs your help. She’s a haemodialysis patient. She had been receiving consultations and treatment by Dr. Irvin Pech at Dialisis del Caribe and now she needs a permanent catheter so that she can undergo an important procedure to survive. Her husband, Deon, has been going around making appeals to the public to save his wife. 

Deon Woodye, Leah’s Husband: “Well right now we are trying to get help from the public to try and get help. She needs to get her dialysis done. She needs a permanent catheter and a head scan and with passage and other stuff to get down to get her dialysis in Belize because we live in San Pedro.”

Dale McDougall, Love FM News:  And the back-and-forth for treatment since her diagnosis in March 2021 has been putting a toll on the family’s resources. Deon says that getting Leah’s treatment sometimes means making huge sacrifices. 

Deon Woodye, Leah’s Husband: “Life is very rough because we already are not making the amount that we usually make. The amount that we are making is just to survive, you know?  We do like food stuff and sometimes she is sick so we cannot do anything. You know? We work together and even if I get a job it only comes up to one session a week because she is taking three sessions. Each session is $200 so that is $600 right there for three sessions.”

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: It’s very expensive I’d imagine.

Deon Woodye, Leah’s Husband: “Yes. It’s very expensive. Very hard and no job will give you like 6, $700 a week right there, right? That’s just for her without food, passage, and different medications that she needs too.

Dale McDougall, Love FM News:  Miller-Woodye must receive three haemodialysis sessions per week, plus 4,000 units of erythropoietin, vitamin B, iron dextran and calcium acetate. The mother struggles to survive as her family struggles to help her do that. And so, Deon urged people to do their best to take care of themselves and avoid this misfortune. 

Deon Woodye, Leah’s Husband: “It’s very rough out there so everyone, please just please take care of yourself and get everything that you can do for yourself out here and please don’t get in this stage because this stage is very rough if you don’t have money and finances to get it done. We really would appreciate whatever help you guys can help us because you’re gonna help and it can save a life.”

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: Now if you can help, you can deposit directly to the clinic’s account at Atlantic Bank # 100-287-805. You can call the Woodye’s at 632-5841. Reporting for Love News, I’m Dale McDougall.

Again, the Woodye family can be reached at 632-5841. Any assistance, the family says, is greatly appreciated.