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Lee Mark Chang Defeats Leila in Caribbean Shores

The Caribbean Shores division is one that was being eyed as the key players all had some level of inroads with their party, the UDP.  Santino Castillo wanted to make a comeback but retracted when he found out that the party was supporting Leila Peyrefitte.  Darrell Bradley had long wanted to go national in his political career but he wanted an endorsement.  Lee Mark Chang tried his hand in Freetown Division but that went no where and so he went head to head with Peyrefitte in the Caribbean Shores division.  The convention was held yesterday at Trinity Methodist School in the King’s Park area.  When all was said and done, the UDP Chairman delivered the results.

Alberto August – UDP Chairman

“We had fifteen rejected ballots during the counting process. Candidate Leila Peyrefitte with four hundred and seventy-six votes and we have Lee Mark Chang with seven hundred and seventy-six votes. The new United Democratic Party Standard Bearer in the Caribbean Shores Constituency is Mr. Lee Mark Chang.”

Lee Mark granted an interview immediately after, thanking his family and supporters while being curt with the media on what he has planned for the division.

Lee Mark Chang – UDP Standard Bearer

“First of all I have the utmost respect for our Prime Minister. Like I said all the time and maintain, the people of Caribbean Shores will decide whom they want to represent them in the next election.  I have always continued to work in Freetown and I will bring that same energy to Caribbean Shores and of course OJ and I are great friends so we will work together like a brother-sister division. I would just like to thank the Caribbean Shores voters, they are the ones who gave me the opportunity and the chance to represent them.”

As the elected standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, Lee Mark will now be allowed sixteen delegates in the UDP’s Leader Convention.  For now, it seems the main players will be Patrick Faber and John Saldivar;  Lee Mark, however, refused to comment on where his support lies.

Lee Mark Chang – UDP Standard Bearer

That is not a question for today and I need to make mention also that both of them are my friends. The way I will choose my delegates moving forward is that they will work hard for Caribbean Shores and that is the bottom line. Once you have put in your pound of flesh you will be invited on the delegate seat.”

Caribbean Shores is currently a stronghold for the PUP.  Lee Mark will have to unseat Kareem Musa to get into the House of Representatives.  Lee Mark recently resigned as the President of the Senate to enter national politics.///////