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Legal clinic on writing a will held

The National Council of Ageing held a legal clinic workshop at the Belize Institute of Manager where the Solicitor General Nigel Hawke spoke about wills and testaments. According to the program officer for the Council, ChereneRivero,and Social Worker Anya Joseph there has been a spike of elderly abuse which is why the workshop was held.

Cherene Rivero – Program Officer
“Catherine Rivero: The council has been receiving a lot of calls, referral of older persons who are either being taken advantage of now or persons who are unable to advocate for anything property wise from their parents who have died and so we felt that there was a need to not just talk about how a will functions and the benefits of a will but really to start to assist them in starting the process of preparing a will so that they actually have a will that is lodged and secured.
“What happens after today? Would these persons then be responsible for the outreach work to other elderly?
Cherene Rivero – Program Officer
“Well we’re hoping that the organizations that are represented here will take the information and will share with those persons that they work with.”

Anya Joseph – Social Worker
“What we have noticed recently is an increase in a lot of elderly neglect and elderly abuse. At the end of their life then there is no will, then there’s frustration within the family so this workshop would help my clients on a daily basis to get themselves prepared, to prepare a will and for us to know who is the executor of that will so that they would be able to work with the caregiver or the social worker. For most people they don’t know the importance of a will. A will is important because at the end of your life, a will doesn’t actually kick in until the end of your life, so it is important so that at least sometime some people don’t really care for their loved one but if they know that more than likely well I have something to get, they will be more than willing to work with you to care for the elderly until the end of their life.

“And you work particularly in Belize City with this population?”

Anya Joseph – Social Worker

“In terms of complaints or reports of these sorts of abuses and practices in these older persons, how much would you say would be done per month or per year?”

Anya Joseph – Social Worker
“Well recently we had a serious increase in elderly neglect and abuse. As you might know or might not know that the homes are fully filled and we have to work outside of that or try working with families to get them educated to learn how to care for the elderly so that then we don’t have to flood the homes as it is already flood.”

The workshop was held in collaboration with the Attorney General’s ministry.