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Legislation for Medical Tourism – A Priority for 2016

For some time now the Belize Coalition of Service Providers has been promoting medical tourism as well as the Spa and Wellness sector in Belize.  They have been to several trade and expo shows around the country and after all that effort they today informed the media that this sector has been placed on the list of priorities for legislation to be tabled in 2016.  According to their release, representatives of the Directorate General for Foreign Trade met with the country’s Solicitor General last Tuesday, December 15.  The release reads, in part, quote, “Tabled at this meeting was the drafting of instructions and regulations governing the licensing and certification of Medical Tourism and Spa and Wellness facilities as well as the registration of its practitioners. For the BCSP, the Belize Spa & Wellness Association and the Belize Medical Tourism Association, this is an important step forward as this has been on our agenda for 2015 and discussed at the regional level. Such legislation will allow members to become certified and will be required to register its practitioners. Regulating the industry will be beneficial to those members who are willing to adhere to the standards in the industry. It will forge quality service across the country for trained members and ensuring that each member is duly licensed to operate. Our goal is to gain recognition for outstanding members in the industry by including the Spa and Wellness Sector as a part of an Annual Awards Program held by Belize Tourism Board (BTB).”  End of quote.