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Leo Bradley charge with harm

25-year-old, Leon Bradley, a Police officer of Gardenia Village, Belize District, appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner where he was charged with harm in relation to his 20-year-old girlfriend. Bradley pleaded not guilty and was granted bail in the sum of five hundred dollars.  It was reported that Bradley punched his girlfriend in the face when she refused to have sex with him. His girlfriend appeared in court requesting that she no longer want court action; however, she was informed that the charge could not be withdrawn from Bradley since she did not have an identity card on her at the time. Furthermore, the victim was informed that she should visit the Ladyville Police Station to make a report requesting no further court action and have them send it to the court.  This way when she comes back to court, she can have some one of the officers who is a part of the case vouch for her identity including the arresting or investigating officer who would be in a position to vouch for her true identity in court./////