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Leo Bradley Library closes off the year with a children’s party

The library service in Belize offers several programs which caters to children. Today, the Leo Bradley Library, in collaboration with other libraries, held a Christmas party to close off the year. Love news spoke with Sarah Castillo, Senior Library Assistant, about today’s event.

Sarah Castillo – Senior Library Assistant: “We have different activities throughout the different areas, we have some educational games, we are having a movie upstairs, under the tent we will be having some puzzles and rhythms and after this we will be moving them outside, we will be giving them some food. Of course everybody will get a gift bag with their gift and apples and so on today.”

Castillo said that they have seen a steady increase in their library membership amongst the children. Love news spoke with a few of the children who are patrons.

Male Student child 1: “I like to be a member because I get to read new books and it helps me expand my vocabulary so when I do my story writing I know better expressions to write about.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “So how often do you borrow books?

Female student child 2: “I borrow books at all times. When I am finished reading them I bring them back because a good book will tell you more about things.

Castillo said their programs include the reading program and story reading contest.