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Leo Club donates chairs to Our Lady of the Way RC School

With its aim of providing young people with the opportunity for development and contribution, today members of the Leo’s Club, donated twenty six chairs to a school they considered most in need. At the handing over ceremony this afternoon, Our Lady of the Way RC School in Ladyville, was the recipient of the gift. Membership Chairperson of the Club, Jason Cutkelvin, shares more about the donation and the preparation done on the chairs.

Jason Cutkelvin Membership of Chairperson of the Club: “We got it from SJC; the president decided that the chairs wasn’t needed at the school so they decided to donate it to us and Ms. Yam decided, our advisor decided that we are going to donate it to a school that is really in need of  chairs because it’s not only about us it’s about others. They were good; none were broken. We had a couple of them that broke bringing it on the way so we fixed them and we got them brand new. Well it took us about a month because we had to get the students together and we had to do emails and find different dates because it is a very busy schedule that we have to try to pack everything inside of it.”

Denise Neal, Principal of Our Lady of the Way RC School, shares with Love News how appreciative they are of the well needed donation.

Denise Neal Principal of our Lady of the Way RC School: “When I first got the call and they said Miss Neal you’re going to receiving some furniture on behalf of the Lions club I was very excited. It is something that our school will appreciate. The students will be able to sit in comfort and it just feels good to know that we were remembered because our lady of the way R.C. school is a school that needs a lot in terms of infrastructure and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and I am sure the students will be able to make good use and the teachers will be happy as well. Usually when the new school year starts sometimes you get in new students and then the school is responsible to provide furnitures for the students and then we have to scramble and see how we are going to get the funds to get new furnitures for our students so with this donation now and it will alleviate some of our expenses. It will be mostly for children in the middle and the upper division because of the size; the babies won’t be able to use the but for the middle and the upper division it will be split among the different classes. I hope that this is the beginning of new friendship, I hope that it won’t be the last and if there is anyone that would like to invest or adopt our Lady of the way RC school we are more than willing to work with the community and any organization that is willing to help us to grow and to become better.”

The Leo’s Club thanks their sponsors Brother’s Habet and Saint John’s College for assisting them. They are also working on another upcoming project which would be another donation of chairs to a well needed institution.