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Leslie and Mahmud Seek Legal Advice on Hulse’s Revelations While Denying Statements

The People’s United Party has re-iterated its call for the repeal of the Petrocaribe Loans Act. The PUP says the Melvin Hulse recording confirms what the Party has known for the past seven months; that the Petrocaribe funds were used to trigger resignations by members of the House of Representatives leading to bi-elections. It says the UDP Government has been grossly abusing both the Petrocaribe money and the Finance and Audit Reform Act to perpetuate itself in power. And while the PUP says the Hulse recording gives credence to their belief that the Petrocaribe funds helped to trigger the bi-elections, the former area representative for Cayo North, Joseph Mahmud issued a statement of his own.  Mahmud says quote “I wish to make it clear that the allegations made by Mr. Melvin Hulse against me on the recording is totally false and baseless.  I, Joseph Mahmud entered politics with dignity and exited with dignity and I expect him to publicly retract the defamation against me’ end of quote. Another name called in the recording was former minister under the PUP, Ainslie Leslie.  For his part Leslie says the aspersions made by Hulse is a total lie and fabrication.  Leslie says Hulse’s comments libeled him and endangered his livelihood and puts his family at risk.  Leslie says the matter is now in the hands of his attorney. Yesterday in his interview with Love News, Hulse admitted that he had no proof of the allegations he made.


“I am not in any Cabinet or any inner sanctum or anything; so, when I’m running off and throwing out all those numbers man, exactly, what it is, I am running off; I am not in any central party or higher echelon I get out there and I still have not stopped. I don’t know when I will be done I don’t know who I was talking to but when I’m grumbling I usually start with “the lights haven’t gotten into Placencia as yet and I would like more surveys and I would wish those land things would be solved, stop sending so much money to Belize and let us have some in Stann Creek; those are the things we rural people grumble about and we make a lot of noise. We are Belizeans and we are kriol we like to run off and that puts us in a lot of trouble sometimes but I would never. We are talking about PM, Dean doesn’t play any games, he doesn’t play racket, he doesn’t those things. I grumble because sometimes he’s a little too strict and I’d like him to let go something in Stann Creek west. Sometimes he’s pick up the phone and said “I would want you to do that…” We are talking about 26 years okay and I grumble. I’m always grumbling when I don’t get things fast enough because I want things done last night but that is absolutely no reflection of “that is true, or there is a degree of veracity to it or that it’s true” I grumble to my colleagues sometimes. That is how I talk.”

The former area representative for Dangriga, Ivan Ramos has denied on numerous occasions that he struck a deal with the UDP for his to vacate his seat in the House of Representatives.