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Leslie family looks for answers

Was seventy eight year old Karl Leslie murdered? His family believes so but investigators are yet to definitively answer that question. The official police report states that on September 14, ten minutes past nine o’clock that night, Leslie was found dead in his bedroom at his house in the East Windmill Area of Hattieville. Initially, police said that no sign of violence was observed on the body but a source close to the Leslie family reached out to us saying that they believe that he was murdered. We were told that Leslie had died as result of blunt force trauma to the back of the head. When we asked the Belize Police Department for the results of Leslie’s autopsy, we were told that the autopsy results for sudden and natural causes of death are not released. However today, Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez, told the media quote, “Initial findings showed no signs of foul play on the body as was sent. However, the postmortem has indicated that there might have been other factors that may have contributed to his death. As a result the police are now treating it as a death investigation that is ongoing. No one detained so far.” End of quote. As we mentioned, the family strongly believes that Leslie was murdered. We will have more on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.